Can Your Website Really Get to Page One of Google At Once?

Page #1 of Google. For an entrepreneur or a blogger who has been trying to reach this stage for years, it’s a total eye-catcher and whoever comes to offer such a tempting deal would be a winner. The question is, is it possible? Why do experts advise you to stay away from SEO marketing firms that wave this banner in the first place? In fact, a reputable SEO company will not promise you such a thing as opposed to a supposedly bad SEO firm whose only promise seems to be getting you to first page. There is a good reason why.

Reason #1. Google rankings have never been stable.

Notice that when different ordersSEO Company or search results come up when you search Google if you are in different places or different time zones. Heck, even if you are just in one place, the re-ordering can still happen. Try putting intervals in your searches and the results will not be the same! That is how unstable Google rankings are. The results will also change if you are logged in to your personal Google account. It fluctuates.

And keep in mind, too that high ranking does not mean good traffic. Most often, high traffic rates bring the website on top of Google searches so before you aim for the top spot, it is logical to improve your website contents and eventually increase traffic first.

Reason #2. Page rankings are not in anyone’s control, even the most experienced Internet marketer get frustrated sometimes.

An SEO company must not promise page one of Google to anyone because search engines are not in their control. Remember that back in 1996, a lot of Internet marketers began trying to manipulate traffic generation and Google pages. Google found out, learned its lessons, and started making constant updates to their guidelines and algorithms, reason why you need a reputable SEO company that uses legitimate, white hast SEO strategies to work on your website than a crooked Internet marketing firm whose techniques would later sabotage your web success.

Reason #3. Reaching page one of Google takes time and you don’t stay there for long.

Fast results is also a good tag line but a speedy outcome is never guaranteed especially when talking about Google’s first page or even Yahoo or Bing. Search engine optimization is not a miracle or magic. Systematic keyword placement, link building, social media moderation, and the works return great results if done correctly and carefully.

How Can You Guarantee Success?

The only way to guarantee success in this business is to be very careful in choosing the SEO company you will be working with. The rules are:

  • Do not fall for a very cheap price
  • Do not fall for ‘guaranteed page one of Google’ catch phrase
  • Do not just trust anyone. Ask for references, links and other proofs of success

There are many other ways to find the right SEO company. You can visit forums related to this topics and join discussion. Ask for tips from friends. The important lesson is to not rely on what these firms say without proof.

Challenging Roles That Any Webmaster Must Be Ready to Take on

Most people will assume that after receiving the services of a search engine optimization provider, they can rest easy. Having a fully optimized website is not an assurance of long-term success out in the online world. Yes, it might bring in benefits like good rank, increased traffic, and an improvement in profits on a day to day basis. However, these can be short-lived and a webmaster might be caught unaware that his business is already on a downhill journey.

One thing that makes SEOthe online world really risky for business is its unpredictability. Trends, most especially in SEO, tend to change quite fast. Take for example the algorithm of Google. From 2010 up to this point in time, several updates took place. These included familiar terms such as the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. These updates literally wiped out hundreds of websites when each was implemented.

Of course, a webmaster could protect his business and website by accepting and performing some roles that others have already taken on before. This means that in order to ensure good business out in the web today, continuous exertion of efforts must be done by a webmaster. The roles mentioned above are as follows:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of SEO results: The aspect of analytics in the existence of a website must never be ignored. This is something that could reveal if the accessed SEO services are really working. In the beginning, these might work out as promised. However, there will come a time wherein the effectiveness of such things will wear off. Nothing will stay the same in the online world and this is what could signal that additional work on SEO must be done. A steadily decreasing rate of traffic, low conversion rates, decrease in ranking, and many other similar things could give hints that something is wrong. When these are detected early, promptly formulated solutions could save the business or the site.
  • Earn links: While the number of links that a web based site is getting is not a big priority in Google’s new algorithm, it is still needed for business purposes. Google warns that link generation practices, if not done according to its policies will definitely have a harmful effect to ranks. Natural ways of earning links, on the other hand, will put a website in a favorable position as seen by search engines. Linking to authority sites and earning back a link in return for valid reasons will yield very good reputation for a site being run by a webmaster.
  • Create content for the site: 2014 has been marked by a SEO trend that puts greater value on the content of a site. Website content must be fresh, relevant to the needs of the surfer, related to the page where it is found on, and conforms to the policies as set by search engines. Content must be added to the website on a regular basis. The webmaster could create these on his own or hire a content development professional for this matter. If there are existing web pages, its contents must be checked, replaced, or just simply tweaked for optimal results. People will always access the internet for information. If a website has high-value content, it will never fail to attract in visitors.
  • Competition analysis: There will always be competition in all industry niches online. One should make sure that none of the competitors is able to get a huge lead in the aspect of business effectiveness and SEO matters. To continue earning, a business website must stay ahead or at par with its competitors in the industry. Data from SEO tools could easily reveal the status of competition.

The things mentioned above are not the only roles that webmasters have to do. Through the process of running or managing the operations of a website designed for business, an owner could discover more things that need to be done. The roles of a webmaster might be totally challenging but when done right, big and long-term benefits will surely be earned.